Content Marketing for SaaS

3 Content Marketing Tools that Work Best for SaaS

There is a lot of hype around content marketing. As a SaaS owner you might be wondering if it really works and whether you need to invest in it.

It does work.

You just need to have a clear strategy and stick to it.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the 3 proven content marketing tactics to help grow your SaaS.


Everyone knows that having a company blog has a huge potential. But few people know how to unlock that potential. And even fewer people are able to turn that potential into actual income.

There is no magic here though. All you have to do is;

1. Understand what your SaaS users struggle with most

If you are just starting up and don’t have a user base, figure out the main problem your product solves for your customers.

What is your SaaS for? What user problem does it solve? How?

You can also research industry specific forums and communities to find the main user pain points.

If you already have a user base, research your existing data for content ideas.

  • user feedback and reviews
  • feature requests
  • user forums
  • surveys, etc.

When you have good understanding of your users and their problems, make a list of 3 main topics you need to write about.

Here’s a great example by Kissmetrics — “A Blog About Analytics, Marketing and Testing”

2. Start writing actionable blog posts to help solve user problems


Make sure each blog post creates value for your user.

After reading your blog, users must either learn something or feel something.

This is what defines good quality content. And this is what makes people share content.

Just keep that in mind while writing.

3. Write consistently

Create a blog publishing schedule and stick to it.

It is always better to post as often as possible, but don’t compromise the content quality.

As long as you maintain the set cadence, you are on the right track.


Blogs are good, but sometimes they are not enough. Sometimes one needs a bit more structure to the content and more guidance. That’s when you can create whitepapers.

You can create a whitepaper about anything and it doesn’t have to be an academic document.

There are 2 great ideas for SaaS whitepapers;

  1. A well-researched, data-backed whitepaper with some valuable insights, which you can give away for free to anyone who signs up for a newsletter or the SaaS itself.
  2. Collect several blog posts around same topics into a structured step-by-step whitepaper with nice visuals and design.

Whitepapers are also a great way to advertise your brand as a though leader in the field without being too pushy.

Video & Webinars

Every SaaS needs video content.

It can be anything from Facebook Live to Youtube series and webinars.

As a SaaS you will have lots of content to cover via videos and it will pay you back with boosted social engagement and more leads.

Here are some ideas to start with;

  1. Create explainer videos of the main SaaS features.
  2. Turn your most popular blog posts into graphical videos.
  3. If you have decent Facebook following, host LIVE q&as with users.
  4. Use your whitepapers as a base for webinars, where you can personally teach something extra to your audience and interact with them in real-time.

3 SaaS Companies Doing It Right

There are a few great examples of SaaS content marketing which you can draw inspiration from.

Buffer for Business Webinars

MOZ Free Marketing Tools

Leonardo Hotel Marketing Knowledge Center

Final Notes

Don’t quit, if you don’t see immediate ROI.

Content marketing takes time, commitment and persistence.