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instagram influencer research step by step guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Researching Instagram Influencers

While influencer marketing is on the rise there is a great demand for researching and reaching out to influencers on top social media channels. And although it seems like an easy task to accomplish, when you actually get to finding social media influencers it quite often turns out to be a complete mess. Where do I start? What do I search for? These are a few of the questions that go through your mind while you stare blankly at your mobile screen. Continue reading

3 Ways You Can Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand

3 Ways You Can Use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Influencer marketing is on the rise and it’s¬†something we can hardly argue about.¬†It has emerged organically from the explosive growth of social media and has filled the gap of budget-friendly celebrity endorsements. In the age of Instagram and Youtube, you don’t need to have a producer like Jay Z to become a celebrity. The reality is we now have thousands if not millions of highly targeted local celebrities, aka lifestyle personas. Their social influence is quite impressive, sometimes even stronger than that of a super famous celebrity. The reason is that social influencers and bloggers are one of us, they communicate in a more informal, direct manner, which makes their voice heard better. So given¬†all of this, no wonder that these personas¬†are eager to monetize on their social influence and brands are hungry for the result they can offer. So this is a win-win collaboration for¬†both brands and influencers. Continue reading