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What I Do

I love digital marketing! So I am lucky enough to do what I love.

My areas of expertise (or should I say affection?) include:

  • digital marketing strategy & planning
  • search engine optimization
  • social media marketing
  • email marketing
  • pay-per-click advertising
  • conversion optimization
  • content writing
  • blogging

These are the main building blocks of any digital marketing strategy that I develop. But every project is different and so is the marketing mix.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Once upon a time, SEO was all about keywords. Now, it’s far more than that. If you wish to be on top, your website should provide valuable, share-worthy content, excellent user experience, it should be bot-friendly, keyword-targeted and multi-device ready. Sounds like a lot? Well, that’s what digital marketers are for!

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

This is my favorite! I love social media in all of its different forms: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin, Vine… The list goes on and on. Every social channel has its success factors and with years of experience I have learnt to know what works and what doesn’t. Understanding what kind of content your audience likes most is key to having a devoted and constantly growing social media following.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective ways of reaching your target audience. Yes, it’s difficult to push through all the spam and prove your value to the customer, but once you do, those customers will most probably stick with you. Email marketing has proved to have the highest ROI among all other digital marketing channels. So it’s important to embrace the opportunities it offers.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

The quickest and the most costly way of reaching your customer is PPC. With a well-organized pay-per-click advertising campaigns you can quickly build brand awareness, as well as drive quality traffic to your website. But a successful PPC campaign requires more than a solid budget; you need to craft a compelling ad copy, select the most relevant niche-specific keywords and most importantly have a landing page that is optimized for conversions.

Conversion Optimization

Tons of traffic is good, but high conversion rates are better. Optimizing your website and especially landing pages for conversions is crucial to the success of your digital marketing as a whole. Understanding where your users fail and why they abandon your website is the first step. Furthermore, you need to fix all of the pain points and add a strong call to action. Conversion rate optimization is basically a mix of psychology, marketing and UX.

Content Writing & Blogging

Writing is actually a hobby of mine. I enjoy putting down my thoughts on various topics ranging from digital marketing to user experience and just pretty much anything I care about. Through the years though, I’ve learned how to write for marketing and sales purposes: creating ad copies, writing SEO-optimized content, writing educational and informative blogs, crafting catchy headlines and CTAs.

What else can I do?

I am an experienced WordPress user, with basic HTML knowledge. I have decent design skills, I can work with Photoshop and Illustrator to create some basic designs. I can even build a simple website, like this one!